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Industrial Gases and Chemicals

Our Oxygen Generators Are Providing Hospitals With Continuous Oxygen Supply.

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Brisé is a classical ballet term meaning “broken” or “breaking”.

For us Brisé symbolises breaking away from mundane, conventional, and routine thinking and taking a leap towards a new innovative and out of the box approach. It means starting a new cycle trying a new sequence.,

The company is founded by professionals having rich experience in the field of Turbo-machineries manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Refineries, Industrial Gas Plants and have thorough knowledge of Engineering-Procurement-Construction and Project-Management-Consultancy domains.

Our Products

Brise Oxygen Generator

On demand onsite Oxygen supply

A robust Oxygen Generator that effectively replaces bottled Oxygen cylinders and Oxygen gas banks.

Our Contributions

Industries We Serve!

Medical And Healthcare

Most living things need oxygen to survive and oxygen’s importance in the field of healthcare cannot be underestimated. Oxygen is widely used in every healthcare setting, with applications from resuscitation to inhalation therapy. Our Oxygen Generators cater to needs of Medical Oxygen in Healthcare Sector. 

Oil And Gas Industry

Industrial gases are used in various applications in the oil & gas sector, such as nitrogen gas for coiled tubing, completion, drill stem testing, pressure testing, stuck drill pipe, and other applications. We produces various Industrial Gases and Chemicals that are used in various applications in Oil and Gas Industry. 

Manufacturing Industry

Industrial gases are used in a wide range of manufacturing industries, which include power, mining, steelmaking, metals, environmental protection, medicine, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food, water, fertilizers, electronics and aerospace. We cater to some of these manufacturing sectors. 

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